Our Introduction and Consulting


Bixogen Inc. was founded in 2012 as a site of biomedical consulting and writing.

The BixoBard serves as your host, and will post works by writers of fiction and science and…um…science fiction.

We present our past consulting project summaries in the fields of health and policy.
These include:

[1] Innovation in Arms Control: How Can the Public Support Arms Control Transparency Efforts?
[2] Improving Health via Preventive Care
[3] Disruptive Innovations for the Pharma Industry
[4] Safe Documentation of Atrocity Evidence
[5] Reimagining Health Insurance Member Online Experience
[6] Biomarker Discovery Proposal for Plexiform Neurofibroma Growth
[7] Point of Care Tests for Plasma Clotting Factors
[8] Electroceuticals

As a leaven to these, we also present the biotech industry news as viewed through the eyes of the BixoBrat.

The BixoBrat follows a particular model of telling the biomedical news.  While The Onion comes closest, the model is one that scares the daylights out of me.  Maybe that’s why it’s wadded up in humor and fired with a peashooter.

Bixo-this, Bixo-that.  Behind the silly names lies a window onto the world of medicine, a major part of our lives.  Whether you find it reassuring or scary, we hope you enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Our Introduction and Consulting

  1. BixoBard

    We will post more of the completed projects when confidentiality issues allow.
    The BixoBrat will continue to churn out the biotech news in that special way. Note that we posted many of the stained glass projects as the website illustrations. We may explain the PCR Doors and the bDNA Window on a separate page.

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